Adult lunchbags

Where can I buy lunch boxes: The adult version!

Are you at the point where you’re like “Where can I buy lunch boxes?” Probably not a point you envisioned yourself to come to but when entering the adult world it’s likely to happen!

It’s not something that you necesarily think about investing it, but once you start working 40+ hours a week, you realize that bringing your lunch in to work may not be such a bad idea. It can not only save you money but it can help you eat healthier, and better portions that help you maintain a healthy body weight.

There are places you can buy cute reusable lunch bags at a price that doesn’t make you cringe. Trust me, having a cute little reusable lunch bag will help you save money and look really cute doing it!


This is where I got my first lunch bag, and I will probably continue to buy from here since I don’t see them too often in stores. Or at least any that are super trendy!

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has some really cute lunch bags that have designs that are on trend like marble and you can even get your initials on it!

Williams Sonoma

Their lunch boxes are modern, classy & even include an inspirational “eat healthy” quote!¬†Loveee!¬†


Of course Target is on this list. They have everything. Including a really cute ‘adult lunch bags’ section!

Have you gotten your lunchbag from anywhere not on this list? Share where with a picture below!

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