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Vera Bradley lunch bag options under $30!

Once we all come to the point where we realize that spending money $10+ on lunch every day adds up we begin to accept the fact that we need to start bringing food to work. Well, at least us trying to adult do.

I put together my favorite Vera Bradley lunch bag options that are on clearance right now for less than $30 on Amazon!

Vera Bradley Lunch Sack, Signature Cotton in Winter Berry

Overall Rank out of 5 points: 3

Black lunch bag with berries as details in green, blue, purple and pink. Also has an ID window for you to put your name on it and is made of a wipeable matte laminate so it is easy to clean!

~ 9″ high 7″ wide ~

Pro: Easy to clean, wipeable laminate material

Con: Material may not be as durable as the cotton one.

Price: $27.52

Vera Bradley Lunch Sack, Signature Cotton in Autumn Leaves

Overall Rank out of 5 points: 4

Colorful bag with dark and bold colors including green, orange, pink, blue and red. This one also has an ID window and is made from the wipeable matte laminate.

~ 9″ high 5″ wide ~

Pro: The pattern/ colors are a perfect vibe for autumn

Con: Durability of material

Price: $29.60

Vera Bradley Lunch Sack, Signature Cotton in Lavender Meadow

Overall Rank out of 5 points: 2

Delicate lavender plants with colors of purple, white/cream and green. There is also an ID window on this luchbox and it currently has a 5 star rating.

~ 11″ high 7″ wide ~

Pro: Intriqute design and looks like it’s made of expensive material. True “fancy adult” lunch box

Con: Might not be as easy to clean since it’s made out of Polyester, but you just have to throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle.

Price: $27.58

Vera Bradley Lighten Up Lunch Cooler in Mini Medallions

Overall Rank out of 5 points: 5

Black lunch bag with a zipper for storage and colorful medallions with orange, blue, pink, yellow and red.

7.5″ high 9″ wide ~

Pro: Modern design, water repellent, easy wipe lined interior.and is also smaller in height than the rest of the lunch bags

Con: No ID window (although this doesn’t really bother me personally)

Price: $26.78

Vera Bradley Waikiki Paisley Lunch Bunch

Overall Rank out of 5 points: 1

Classic and distinguishable Vera Bradley Bag with teal and purple paisley details

Doesn’t say the dimensions on the page, but it looks similar to the Lavender Meadow lunchbox mentioned earlier at ~ 11″ high 7″ wide ~

Pro: If you care about showing off the brand, this is probably your bag because the paisley is a VB classic.

Con: More work to clean (have to throw in wash)

Price: $24.98

I’d love to know if you end up purchasing one of these, or if you’ve purchased other adult lunchboxes that you absolutely love! Also, do you know people that still use grocery bags to bring their lunches? Or what else do people store their food/ snacks in?

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