Helloo there!

If you’re newly in the Adult seat…welcome! I’m glad to be by your side on this journey! When I was on the verge of quitting my corporate job, I went home to visit the fam. Two days later I quit my job. Mind you I’m responsible and would usually put in my two weeks notice, but this was a sales job so two-weeks notices were not a thing. Anyways….

I didn’t notice that I forgot something at my Mom’s house until an iMessage from her came in saying “I guess you didn’t need the lunchbox lol. New job new lunchbox!” On top of my Mom just being hilarious this was such a good point! A lunchbox is like a new accessory, it’s something you will use every day, and look at it multiple times a day. Why not have one that makes you happy every time you look at it?

I love any excuse to purchase a new accessory, and as I navigated into adulthood I realized that a lunch box represents you and your personality just as much as the rings and earrings you chose to wear. It’s time to ditch the depressing grocery bags and adult in style.

But why lunchboxes… isn’t that so 5th grade?

Life is challenging navigating as it is, the key is to focus on the things that brings you happiness and a positive energy. I believe that this begins with paying attention to the little things you see every day. Just like your work space, whether it’s in an office or at home, you want it to be eye-pleasing, and for it to give you that comfortable feeling to work. Kind of weird when comparing it to lunch boxes, but eating is inevitable. FACTS. You’re going to eat at some point during the day, and if you haven’t realized it yet, bringing your own lunch to work can save you some cash flow. I created Adult Lunch Boxes as a resource for you to easily navigate through lunch boxes that can fit your personality and budget.

Be smart now so you get be rich sooner!

Post-college life hit me in the face, especially when I realized Taco Bell couldn’t be a part of my weekly diet anymore. Eating out every day adds up quickly $$ and I really can’t see it being healthy for you in the long term (unless you live around farmers markets or anywhere with easily accessible fresh produce. I don’t!). 20-somethings need to see that it’s smart to be save your money, and pack your lunch for work more often.

What do I hope for you? 

My goal is to show young adults that the sooner you can save your money, the faster your wealth will grow, which means the sooner you can retire and… NOT WORK :)! This starts by eliminating unnecessary expenses (eating out every day). An Adult Lunchbox is a new form of accessory that will not only bring you happiness because of the beautiful design, but because it reminds you that you are one step closer to becoming rich.

Reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to say hello!